Thursday, June 26, 2014

Colorful hot water boiler and dispenser as you life is

Instead of black and white hot water boiler and dispenser, try this new colorful water boiler, as your life is !

Elegant Looking, Uplifting A Lively Living Environment
Not Only Black And White, Instead Of As Colorful As Your Life Is!
Handy, Safe And Hygienic, Easy To Use. water boiler

Monday, June 23, 2014

Counter-top Indoor Electric Griddle Grill - iMettos

Compact Size and light weight Only 4.7Kg, Full Stainless steel Base! Elegant Appearance, Fashionable , Table top grill is ideal for steaking beef, meat chicken and for home and restaurant using. 

Parameters: Indoor Table Top Electric Griddle And Grill With Non-Stick Hot Plate

Model : EG-610D
Grill Plate :All flat, All Grooved, Half flat & Half Grooved Selectable

Power : 2 KW | G.W. / N.W. : 5.2 / 4.7 Kg

Size : 50 x 30 x 12 cm | Packing Size : 64.5 x 40 x 15 cm   indoor electric griddle

Fresh Meat Slicer - Beautiful meat fish slices shape maker

With this fresh meat slicer, you can cut beautiful meat slices, and fish buttery fly sheets

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Parameters: New Fresh Meat Slicer, Meat Cutter, Fish Slicer
Item NameParameterRemark
Power:  750W
Voltage: 220V~240V /  110V
Speed:  1600 RPM
Dimension:   53.5 x 38.5 x 49 cm
G.W./N.W.: 52 / 49 kg
58 x 42 x 58 cm

New Meat Bone Saw with 0.2S Braking System - iMettos

Let us introduce this absolutely new Meat bone saw / Band saw. The most valuable and new feature:  Braking in 0.2 seconds!  Water flushing able 

Braking In 0.2 Seconds !

The bone saw machine should be braked in 2 seconds when being switched off according to EU safety regulations (EN60335-2-64, 20.111). Note that this bone saw machine could be braked in 0.2 second after emergency stop switch is pressed,which is 10 times better than EU safety regulations)

“The meaning of 0.2 Seconds” Actually meat bone saw is type of dangerous machine, when danger happened,  General meat bone saw still running because of the 
Motor inertia after pressed the stop button, and this cause secondary damage, More long means more hurt.  iMettos J210S equipped the emergency stop, and it can braking in 0.2 seconds, the whole machine fully stopped in about only 0.3 seconds. 

Water Flushing Able !

Most of the meat bone saw manual will warning you never flushing the machine directly, but this new designed model, Cleaning is more easy, Flushing the inner body with water directly and Keep the machine more hygiene. 

Multi-Color Available Now !

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meat bone saw